Monday, January 22, 2018


Las Vegas Shooter Stephen Paddock Refused Antidepressants

Stephen Paddock Stephen Paddock - The man who shot and killed 58 people in Las Vegas, may have been manic-depressive according to his doctor. This...

Third Nephew Of Gerry Hutch Alias The Monk Assassinated In Dublin

Gerry Hutch Another assassination in the streets of Dublin this week. This time Derek Hutch the nephew of Gerry Hutch alias The Monk was killed. The...

Russian Police Discover Crocodile In Basement Of Villa

Crocodile Unexpected, that's one way to describe the discovery of police officers in Saint Petersburg. The Russian police seized a large number of weapons last...

6 Belgian Police Officers Attacked By 40 African Refugees

Refugees Refugees - Six police officers have been attacked by forty African migrants. The attack happened on a parking lot along the highway between Brussels...

Police Officer Shoots And Kills 16-Year-Old Joseph Haynes In Court

Joseph Haynes The 16-year-old  Joseph Haynes was shot and killed this week by a police officer in a courtroom in Columbus, United States. The shooting...

Ashley Foster Found Guilty Of Murdering 17-year-old Megan Bills

Megan Bills The trial of a bizarre murder case in Brierley Hill, England ended this week. The homeless 24-year-old Ashley Foster murdered the 17-year-old girl...
How to make GHB

How to make GHB at home good quality and cheap

How to make GHB at home for cheap Today I'm going to learn you how to make GHB. GHB also called liquid XTC or it’s chemical name Gamma Hydroxybutyrate is a substance that can be...
how to blow up an atm

How to blow up an ATM on this weeks money making sunday

Money making Sunday: How to blow up an ATM. On this weeks money making Sunday we’re gonna learn you how to blow up an ATM machine. Let’s be real skimming is for pussies. Real men blow up...


French Construction Company Lafarge Suspected Of Funding IS

French Construction Company Lafarge Suspected Of Funding IS

Lafarge Lafarge - For years, terrorist organization IS was able to stand on its own two feet in Syria and Iraq and finance terrorist attacks. In France however, it is becoming clear how the cash...
Russian Serial Killer The Werewolf In Court For 59 More Murders

Russian Serial Killer ‘The Werewolf’ In Court For 59 More Murders

Serial Killer The Werewolf - In the Russian city of Irkutsk, serial killer and former police officer Mikhail Popkov stated that he was responsible for 59 more murders. The 53-year-old former cop was already serving...
Thieves Steal Jewellery Worth Millions From Ritz Hotel in Paris

Thieves Steal Jewellery Worth Millions From Ritz Hotel in Paris

Ritz Hotel During a robbery in the luxurious Ritz Hotel on the Place Vendôme in the center of Paris, at least 4.5 million euros worth of jewellery and other valuables were stolen yesterday evening. Around 6.30...