Contraband in prisons – “staff and guards are the problem”

Contraband in prison guards and staff responsible

Contraband Contraband – In response to messages about contrabands like phones and drugs in Dutch penitentiary institutions, We receives many messages from former prisoners. The recurring theme in these messages is the statement that the Justice department who is dealing with the problems seem to forget the staff. ‘Most of the stuff comes inside through the guards’. Rotten […]

San Diego police shoots and kills 15-year-old teenager

Teenager shot by san diego police officer

Teenager – San Diego Teenager – A police officer from san diego, california shot a 15-year-old teenager this Saturday who was threatening the officer with what was later identified as an air pressure gun. Maybe the united states government should think about replacing their officers with robocops. Innocent weapon San Diego officials received a report from a junior high […]