100-year-old mafioso John Franzese released from prison

John Franzese

John Franzese

In the United States of America, a 100-year-old was released from prison this week. John Franzese was the oldest state prisoner of the United States. He left the prison hospital in a wheelchair. For example, American media reports.

John Sonny Franzese 100 years old

Record company

Franzese was a leading member of the Cosa Nostra in New York during the sixties. He was considered to be the Colombo family’s underboss (The popular movie and book The Godfather were based on the life of this family. The Colombo’s even managed to alter the script of the movie.

He operated in New York and New Jersey where he made a living by extorting entrepreneurs, usury and was active in the gambling scene. He managed to dodge convictions for rape and to avoid a hit on his own life. There are stories about his involvement in dozens of murders.

In 1967, Franzese invested in the record company Buddah Records, which featured artists like the Isley Brothers, and Curtis Mayfield. Buddah also served as a business for money laundering.


He received his longest punishment in 1970. For the planning and executing of a few bank robberies he received 50 years in prison. He had been released from prison on several occasions but managed to get himself in trouble all the time. At the age of 93 he was yet again convicted of extorting strip clubs and a pizzeria.

By the way, Franzese never made a statement against the police or the FBI. He held his mouth shut.

The 100-year-old is now planning to move in with his daughter and enjoy the little time he has left.


John Francese’s son Michael Franzese once went once talked on television on how his fathers actions destroyed their family. The footage of this talk can be seen down below.

Lately there’s a lot of news in the mafia world. Last week we got the news that the extradition of casino boss Francesco Corallo was approved.


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