18-year-old brother accidentally shoots and kills 14-year-old sister

18-year-old brother accidentally shoots and kills 14-year-old sister


The 14-year-old girl who died last Monday after a shooting on Friday in Almere-Poort has accidentally been shot down by her 18-year-old brother Xaverio M., He is one of the two men arrested that Friday.


The 18-year-old was arrested on suspicion of murder. The young man declared to the police that he did not know there were real bullets in the weapon. He didn’t even know the gun was real. The second man arrested is the girl’s father. He would have been the owner of the firearm used in the shooting. The man is not in possession of a firearm license. His detention has been suspended.

According to his lawyer Gerald Roethof, that is because of personal circumstances. In local newspaper The Telegraph, Roethof says, “It is not possible to describe what they are going through. I personally rarely experience a case where everyone is a victim. ”

This is not the first time a brother shoots and kills his sister and claims it was an accident. whether or not this case was an actual accident is under investigation.


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