14 year old model died as a result of slave contract

14-year-old model Vlada Dzyuba died because of slave contract

Vlada Dzyuba

Model – She lived in a rural provincial town in the remote Ural-region of Russia. And she was about to enter in the Shanghai Fashion Week. A dream come true. But just before she was about to make her debut, she collapsed and ended up in a coma. Not much later, 14-year-old Vlada Dzyuba died, as the result of exhaustion, doctors have determined.

Model Forced labor

The Russian had a three-month contract to participate in various fashion events in China. According to industry experts, it was a slave contract. Her mother said Vlada was constantly complaining to her about feeling tired. But she did not dare to go to the hospital. Two days after her collapse, she died.


The autopsy report showed that Dzyuba had meningitis. A form of meningitis that would be exacerbated by her fatigue. Her death causes a lot of discussions. In Russia, hundreds of thousands of young models are flying abroad to strike it big in countries like China.


The authorities in the place of residence of Vlada – Perm – now demand clarification. They want to know under what conditions the young model had to work in China. The circumstances are suspicious. For example, the Russian had a high pulse on the day of the show. The people of the event could have sent her home. For some reason, this didn’t happen. Vlada stayed on her own in Shanghai. Her mother just gave birth and had to stay home.

Not a word about the death of the young model can be found on the Shanghai Fashion Week website.


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