169 Suspected Ndrangheta Members Arrested During Anti-Mafia Operation

Over 169 suspected Ndrangheta Members arrested during anti mafia operation in Italy and Germany


In Italy and Germany, 169 people were arrested on Tuesday morning during a police operation against the Mafia organization Ndrangheta. The action concentrated around the province Crotone on the eastern side of southern Italy’s boot. The president of the province Crotone was also arrested.


According to Italian media, Nicodemus Parrilla was elected as president of Crotone one year ago with 62.2% of the votes. Authorities believe he received both financial and political support from the Ndrangheta. In addition, over a dozen mayors, aldermen, councilors, and municipal secretaries were arrested in the towns of Ciro Marina, Strongoli, Mandatoriccio, Casabona and San Giovanni.

Over 50 million euros in property and cash has been seized.


The operation was led by the top Mafia fighter in Italy prosecutor Nicola Gratteri. The arrests also took place in other parts of Italy and in the German states of Hessen and Baden-Würtenberg.

The accusations against the suspects include; membership of a criminal organization, extortion, embezzlement, bribery, and corruption. The Farao chapter of the Ndrangheta would have infiltrated all sectors of the local economy: for example in the fish trade, waste collection, refugee shelters, casinos and also the tourist sector.


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