19 injured after car drives into crowd in Melbourne

melbourne car attacker arrested by police moments after


Car drives into pedestrians in the streets of Melbourne, at least nineteen people injured. 

An SUV has caused quite a lot of uproar in the streets of Melbourne over the last few hours. The driver of the car drove with a speed of one hundred kilometers per hour into pedestrians who were walking in one of the busiest streets in the city, Flinders Street Station. A place where many people were doing their Christmas shopping at that time. At least nineteen people have been injured, including a todler.


Some video footage of the incident is already circulating on the internet. Bystanders have stated that some of the victims were catapulted into the air. Two people have been arrested. It seems that the driver of the SUV was unconscious when bystanders found him after he had crashed his car. The police are talking about a ‘planned attack‘. Whether or not a terrorist motive plays a role is unclear.

Police pin attacker to the ground after pulling him out of the car
Police pin attacker to the ground after pulling him out of his car


The Australian media reports that there were several people at the crime scene who behaved ‘strange’ shortly after the SUV attack. They would have resisted when officers wanted to come closer. Police believe it might be drunken bar visitors who have decided to come to the incident but asks witnesses to report themselves if they know more about these individuals.

two suspects arrested at the scene

Young Girl

The youngest victim is a girl who has been taken to the hospital with serious head injuries. Other victims who were directly affected are also in bad shape.



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