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Ferry Bakx coffin

Five arrests made in the murder of Ferry Bakx on bonaire

Five arrests in case killing police officer Ferry Bakx Bonaire The police arrested 5 men possibly involved in the murder of Ferry Bakx on the island...
growing cannabis

How to avoid getting caught when growing cannabis

The best tips to avoid getting caught when growing cannabis. Growing cannabis can earn you a quick buck but there’s a lot of risk involved in...
nabil amzieb

Mocro Maffia: Reason behind severed head Nabil Amzieb

The reason behind severed head Nabil Amzieb in front of shisha lounge. New information has leaked out about the severed head of Nabil Amzieb that...
How to get away with murder

How to get away with murder without being caught

How to get away with murder. Almost everyone has watched the movie Snatch and heard the famous words of the powerful London crime lord Brick...
Break a leg they said.

Break a leg they said! Well thats exactly what he did. 

Robber breaks his leg during ram raid attempt. karma is getting revenge on this robber, Who gets caught between the car and the facade during a...
Trevor O'Neill shot dead in front of his family

Kinahan-Hutch gang war starting to get out of control

Kinahan-Hutch gang war claims innocent life. Strike three this Wednesday on the vacation island of Mallorca. Trevor O’Neill aged 41, father of 3 children was...
Cannabis legal in the Netherlands ?

Cannabis legal in the Netherlands? Think again.

Cannabis legal in the Netherlands?   For some reason a lot of people in the world think that cannabis is legal in the Netherlands.  Just go...