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Elco Gjaltema

The murder on Elco Gjaltema was not a mistaken identity

Murder Elco Gjaltema no mistaken identity [youtube] Elco Gjaltema who was shot and killed yesterday near the Panama club was a nice guy. He wasn't a huge criminal but...
Coffeeshop Netherlands

How to force a coffeeshop in amsterdam to close it’s doors

How to extort a coffeeshop in Amsterdam Extortioners in the Netherlands have found a new method that forces coffeeshop owners to pay because if they...
how to make a molotov cocktail

How to make a molotov cocktail a weapon of the common man

How to make a molotov cocktail The molotov cocktail is one of the most famous weapons there is. It’s the weapon of the common man,...
burglars get shot by woman of the house

burglars get the shock of a lifetime by a fierce woman

Woman shoots burglars Spectacular security footage of a woman from Georgia who opened fire on three burglars who broke into her house. This woman is something. Without regard for...
murderers of vincent jalink

New security footage of the two men that killed Vincent Jalink

 Security footage murderers Vincet Jalink The murder of the beloved criminal Vincent Jalink is getting a lot of attention again. The TV Program Investigation Requested showed...
kinahan family members in danger

Attack on the Kinahan family on it’s way according to police

Police sends out warning messages to kinahan family members. Thisthinline has posted many articles about the ongoing feud between the Hutch family and the Kinahan's. This...
How to make GHB

How to make GHB at home good quality and cheap

How to make GHB at home for cheap Today i'm going to learn you how to make GHB. GHB also called liquid XTC or it’s...
kinahan-hutch gang war

Kinahan-Hutch gang war several major police raids

Kinahan-Hutch gang war major police operation [youtube] Irish newspapers and the BBC have announced  a major police operation against organized crime. There have been 6...
control your emotions

5 tips for becoming a successful criminal in no time

5 tips for becoming a successful criminal. [youtube] Being a criminal can be stressy from time to time. You will spend a good amount of...
how to grow cannabis

How to grow cannabis the right way complete guide

How to grow cannabis the complete guide On this weeks how to I'm going to explain to you how to grow cannabis the right way....