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Raymond K Cocaine Dealer

Former Cocaine Smuggler shares his memories through a blog

Raymond K - Cocaine Smuggler Cocaine - The 49-year-old Raymond K. got arrested with 600 kilos of cocaine last year. Raymond was on his sailboat and just a few miles...
Violence in Chicago

Parade of violence in chicago during the christmas holidays

Violence in Chicago Violence in Chicago - The city of Chicago keeps the parade of violence flowing even during the christmas holidays. 61 people got shot and...
Police officer Dominique Heaggan Brown

Ex police officer from Milwaukee pleads not guilty in fatal shooting

Former Police Officer Police Officer -  Ex police officer Dominique Heaggan Brown from Milwaukee, Wisconsin refused his right to a preliminary hearing this friday. Dominique is believed to...
mexican fireworks market explosion

at least 29 dead at mexican fireworks market explosion

Mexican fireworks market explosion The result of the mexican fireworks market explosion ? at least 29 killed and over 70  injured after a massive explosion happened...
Martin Kok Crime Reporter

Who is responsible for killing crime reporter Martin Kok ?

Crime Reporter, Dangerous profession  Crime Reporter - We want to start of by giving our condolences to the family of Martin Kok, who sadly passed away. Martin Kok,...

Record amount of heroin Seized from Iran in Bulgaria

Heroin Bulgarian authorities intercepted 2 tons of heroin on the Turkish border. The opiates traveled from  Iran and were destined for the Netherlands. [youtube] Two tons are...

Live kidnapping footage in small town in the Netherlands

Kidnapping Kidnapping Netherlands - Three men wearing balaclava's kidnapped a man today in broad daylight on the Oenenburgerweg in the village of Nunspeet the Netherlands. Live footage of...