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Vincent Van Gogh Thief

Dutch justice department threatens Vincent Van Gogh Paintings thief with prison sentence

Vincent Van Gogh Paintings Okkie Durham, the man who admitted the theft of two Vincent Van Gogh paintings back in 2002 last week, has received a notice...
Mitch Henriquez

Mitch Henriquez death not caused by strangulation from police officers

Mitch Henriquez It is highly unlikely that Mitch Henriquez death was caused by strangulation. This is the conclusion of the forensic doctor who was asked to...
Robocops dubai

Robocops the new replacement for police on the streets in dubai

Robocops As of May this year human police officers will be replaced with robocops  in the streets of Dubai. The intention is to replace 25% of...
Weapon depot spanish police

Massive weapon depot used to arm terrorists discovered in Spain

Weapon Depot Weapon depot Spain - The Spanish National Police have released images of a massive weapon depot which was seized on January 12th of this year....
Cyber criminal Evgeniy M. Bogachev

Meet the worlds and FBI most wanted cyber criminal

Cyber Criminal  Cyber criminal Evgeniy Bogachev - The FBI has offered a reward for the tip that leads to the arrest of Mr. Evgeniy Bogachev...
german killer Marcel Hesse

German teenage killer Marcel Hesse arrested in snackbar (Update)(Graphic)

Marcel Hesse The nineteen-year-old Marcel Hesse, who is suspected to have killed the nine-year-old Jaden earlier this week,  by stabbing him forty times in the...
German Teenager

German teenager kills young child and brags about it on the darknet

German Teenager German Teenager - In the basement of a terraced house in the German city of Herne, northwest of Dortmund, the police found the...
Naoufal Fassih

Naoufal Fassih alias Noffel from the kinahan cartel can’t stay out of trouble

Naoufal Fassih Naoufal Fassih can't stay out of trouble - The public prosecution in the Netherlands suspects Naoufal F. alias noffel for giving the order...