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Top 3 Crimes caught on video

The top 3 most notable crimes caught on video of this week

Top Crimes An armored car getting blown up in South Africa, an owner of a new car in India is going berserk and an American...
ATM Machines

ATM machines not protected against drilling machine method

ATM Machines In late 2016 we published an article that explained you from start to end on how to blow up an atm. Banks have...
Abducted Finger cut off

Abducted man recieved his cut off finger back at release

Abducted The man who was abducted from the parking lot of a fitness center in Amstelveen in early March has received his severed finger when his...
Badr hari Prison

World Champion kickboxing Badr Hari aka the golden boy back in prison

Badr Hari Prison Kick Boxer Badr Hari has been detained again. The Telegraph reports that Badr Hari will stay in the new Judicial Complex in...
Pablo escobar suicide

Son Pablo Escobar claims Escobar wasn’t killed by police

Pablo Escobar The son of Colombian drug king Pablo Escobar claims that his father wasn't killed by police bullets, but that he committed suicide. Escobar...