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Controlled explosion Martin Kok Crime journalist reporter

Controlled explosion of bomb found on crime journalist car

Controlled explosion Controlled Explosion - The police have released video footage showing how heavy the bomb was that was found placed under the car of crime...
Shaurn Thomas released from prison after 24 years in jail

Shaurn Thomas released from jail after being wrongly imprisoned 24 years

Shaurn Thomas In the United States, 43-year-old Shaurn Thomas was released from prison this week. He was sentenced to life in jail and spent almost 24...
Videos of the week The Joker Carjacking Prisoner Flying

Videos of the week: The Joker, Carjacking and a Flying Prisoner

Videos of the week In the "Videos of the Week" section we this time have Batman's arch-enemy, a failed carjacking in Johannesburg and a fight...
Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi

Authorities were warned about Manchester suicide bomber Salman Abedi

Salman Abedi Salman Abedi -  Over the last five years, the authorities have been warned at least five times for Salman Abedi, the suicide terrorist who...
Contraband in prison guards and staff responsible

Contraband in prisons – “staff and guards are the problem”

Contraband Contraband - In response to messages about contrabands like phones and drugs in Dutch penitentiary institutions, We receives many messages from former prisoners. The recurring theme...
Red light district Amsterdam hookers

Police officers in Tilburg, The Netherlands order multiple hookers

Hookers Hookers - Six escort bureaus in the province Brabant received a phone call this week, where a man ordered a prostitute. The ladies went to...
Last Words Kiss my white trash ass J W Ledford

A dying man’s last words – “kiss my white trash ass”

Kiss my white trash ass Last Words - J.W. Ledford (45) was killed after a deadly injection in Jackson, Georgia this Wednesday.   the US Supreme Court...
Penal de Puente Grande

Mexican Criminal throws party in Puente Grande prison [Video]

Puente Grande, Mexico In Mexico, unrest arose in response to a video of a party in the highly secured Puente Grande prison in the state of...
Videos of the week

ThisThinLine’s Videos of the week: Executions and GTA

Videos of the week Videos of the week - A robber and a thief, executed by the police and the army. In one case, police officers...
Aaron Saucedo Serial Killer Phoenix Arizona

Phoenix serial killer Aaron Saucedo chose his victims randomly

Serial Killer In Phoenix, Arizona, a suspected serial killer was arrested yesterday. It's for certain that the 23-year-old Aaron Saucedo shot atleast nine random people. The...