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Teenager shot by san diego police officer

San Diego police shoots and kills 15-year-old teenager

Teenager - San Diego Teenager - A police officer from san diego, california shot a 15-year-old teenager this Saturday who was threatening the officer with what was later identified...
Diamond heist sting operation

Sting operation leads to suspects in diamond heist investigation

Diamond Heist Sting operation - The arrests in January of the suspects of the diamond heist on Schiphol on the 25th of February, 2005 took many years...
mexican Adriana Morales de Florencia murdered bonaire

Mexican Adriana Morales de Florencia murdered in Bonaire

Bonaire A 23-year-old Mexican girl was killed on Bonaire two weeks ago, according to The Telegraaf. Adriana Morales de Florencia was a trainee on cruise...
Execution lethal injection arkansas

autopsy required after execution that went horribly wrong

Autopsy Remember the article we published last week ? About the 8 prisoners that had to be executed within a week because the shelf life of one...