Suspected beheading Zoetermeer released from prison

Beheading Suspects Zoetermeer Netherlands Released Prison

Beheading Beheading – The two men suspected of involvement in the death and decapitation of  55-year-old Adrie den Engelsman from Zoetermeer have been released from prison. The Public Prosecutor says there is insufficient evidence to hold them any longer. They remain suspects. They are suspected of murder, and that suspicion remains. Neighborhood The neighborhood responded shocked. Shortly […]

Diamond seller confesses to setting up fake robbery

Diamond seller fake staged robbery

Diamond Family Diamond – The Diamond seller Mischa van Gelder from Amstelveen confessed that he staged the entire robbery on his business in which they claimed to have lost millions of dollars worth of diamonds. The family business now apologizes to ‘police, justice, customers and suppliers’. That is what The Parool reported today. The diamond family […]