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Diamond seller fake staged robbery

Diamond seller confesses to setting up fake robbery

Diamond Family Diamond - The Diamond seller Mischa van Gelder from Amstelveen confessed that he staged the entire robbery on his business in which they claimed...
Rivaling drug gangs in Antwerp, belgium

Police chase, Street fight, and Shooting in Antwerp

Shooting Antwerp Antwerp -  On the kool street in the Antwerp borough of Borgerhout, rivaling drug gangs shot at the facade of a house this Tuesday....
Drunk russian kills argument

Drunk russian shoots and kills nine people after heated argument

Drunk Russian A drunk 45-year-old Russian was arrested this week after he shot and killed nine people after a heated argument in a village northwest of...
Cocaine smuggling antwerp Netherlands Shipping container

two arrests after police found 1500 kilos of cocaine in Antwerp

Cocaine After the interception of 1,500 kilos of cocaine in the port of Antwerp, the police arrested two men in the city of Roosendaal this...