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Otto Warmbier north korea travel ban america

Americans no longer allowed to travel to North Korea

North Korea It is no longer permitted for Americans to travel to North Korea. According to two tourist agencies offering travels to the communist country,...
hansa market darkweb market taken over by dutch police

How dutch police Infiltrated the largest dark web market hansa market

Hansa market Police and Public Prosecutors have dismantled one of the largest drug markets on the Internet in a major international investigation on Thursday. Hansa...
Weed in Uruguay now available pharmacy

Cannabis now available at the pharmacy in Uruguay

Uruguay From now on, weed is legally available at the pharmacy in Uruguay. Unlike in the Netherlands, selling weed in Uruguay is legal and also...
Cocaine hidden horse trailer england

50 kilos of cocaine found in England hidden in horse trailer

Horse trailer Cocaine in Horse trailer - During a check by the English customs in Dover, a 52-year-old man from Limbricht was arrested on Thursday, July...
One third of youth admits to committing cybercrime

One third of global youth admit to committing cybercrime

Cybercrime Cybercrime - Three out of ten young people (12-22 years old) say, that they have committed an online crime in the last year. This was...
Eleven dead at childs birthday party in Mexico

Eleven people brutally killed during child’s birthday party in Mexico

Birthday Party In Mexico, eleven people were brutally killed at a child's birthday party. Several Mexican media stations reported this today. The murders took place in...
husband wife india dinner not ready

Man shoots wife through head because dinner wasn’t ready on time

Dinner Dinner - A 60-year-old man from India shot and killed his 55-year-old wife because she didn't bring him his dinner on time. The angry man...

Lonely Joran van der Sloot chats from his Peruvian cell

Joran van der Sloot He has been lonely in his cell for years in the remote highlands of Peru. We're talking about Joran van der...
28 killed during mexico prison gang war Acapulco prison

28 Mexicans killed after brawl between gangs in Acapulco prison

Acapulco Acapulco - During a prison war in the Mexican city of Acapulco, at least 28 inmates have been killed. Most victims were killed at...
Belgian prisoners forced to sleep on the floor due to lack of space

Belgian prisoners forced to sleep on floor due to lack of space

Belgian prisoners In Belgian prisons across the country there are up to two hundred detainees forced to sleep on the floor. This was brought to...