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14 people killed during shooting between gang members at Mexican rehab center in Chihuahua

Fourteen killed during shooting at Mexican rehab center

Mexico Shooting Fourteen people were killed during the shooting last Tuesday in the Mexican city of Chihuahua. The shootings happened in and around a drug...
Spanish police devotes day arresting russian mafia members Solntsevskaya syndicate

Spanish police devotes day arresting members of the Russian mafia

Russian Mafia The fact that the Russian Mafia has managed to grow strong roots on the Costa Blanca is not a secret. With a large-scale...
italian police arrested 50 Sacra Corona Unita members

Italian police arrested 50 Sacra Corona Unita members (VIDEO)

Sacra Corona Unita In order to understand why the Sacra Corona Unita is growing so rapidly, we only need to take a short look at...
russian couple cannibal confessed eating and killing 30 people

Cannibal Couple confess to killing and eating 30 people

Cannibal Cannibal - A Russian couple from Krasnodar have some very weird eating habits. Dmitry Bakshaev and his wife confessed to the Police that they...
Sammy the Bull Gravano released from prison john gotti mafia rat mob

Legendary Mafia Rat Sammy the Bull Gravano Released From Prison

Sammy the Bull Gravano Sammy the Bull Gravano - The American mob rat 'Sammy the Bull' Gravano appears to have been released from his prison in...
Emma Kelty tortured raped murdered by Amazon river pirates

British Emma Kelty murdered by Amazon river pirates

Emma Kelty The video shows an English woman who was about to go on an adventure. The goal? Traveling through the Amazon, from the mountains...
In front of the judge A disappointing harvest

In front of the judge – A disappointing harvest

Disappointing Harvest Disappointing Harvest - Every day, judges attend cases that are not shocking, but often recognizable. Like this case. Cor has a flat-screen TV with the...
Second arrest made in murder case of Parsa Maboud Parsa010

Second arrest made in murder case Parsa Maboud

Parsa Maboud The French police arrested a 24-year-old man on Sunday evening, who was internationally wanted for involvement in the death of 21-year-old Parsa Maboud...
Cozy Club Berlin Image shooting

What went wrong at the Cozy Club in Berlin last week?

Cozy Club Cozy Club - One man died and three others were injured during a shooting at the front door of a disco in Berlin....
Police officer Kenneth Bolton junior suspended from his duty for sexual harrasment

Police officer Kenneth Bolton acknowledges using sex toys during arrest

Kenneth Bolton The United states police officer Kenneth Bolton junior acknowledged that he has acted illegally and improperly. Recently, a colleague of Bolton stopped two...