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5 people shot and killed at a restaurant in Irapuato, mexico

Mexican Restaurant turns into bloodbath: five dead (Video)

Restaurant In the Mexican city of Irapuato five people were shot and killed. The 5 people were eating at local restaurant, La Parranda when two...
26-year-old Katie Layne Quackenbush arrested for shooting homeless man ask to move car porsche cayenne

Woman shoots homeless man for asking to move her Porsche

Porsche The 26-year-old Katie Layne Quackenbush was chilling in her Porsche at three o'clock when the homeless Gerald Melton walked by. Melton tried to sleep...
Employees at Hillbilly Hotties sue american state of washington seattle

Bikini Baristas at Hillbilly Hotties sue American State Washington

Hillbilly Hotties Hillbilly Hotties - "Here's your coffee, and the change, and yes, if you take the second right you'll end up on the highway...
Jean-Claude van Damme son arrested cannabis abuse and hostage charges

Son Jean-Claude van Damme in prison on multiple charges

Jean-Claude van Damme The Belgian Jean-Claude van Damme (image) is a well-known action movie actor who can be easily lined up with actors such as...

Police and thieves: accessing an stolen or seized Iphone becomes harder

Iphone Some tech news now for thieves and the police. Apple's new iOS 11 operating system makes it harder to access an iPhone. The police...
daughter english actor John Michie Louella Michi found dead at Bestival Festival

Daughter English actor John Michie found dead at festival

John Michie The 25-year-old model and dancer Louella Michie was found dead during the Bestival in Dorset (in the south of England). Louella was the...
hells angels outlawed motorcycle gang demonstrating in berlin

German Hells Angels members demonstrate against logo ban (VIDEO)

Hells Angels Over 200 Hells Angels members demonstrated this weekend in Berlin. The MC members oppose the statutory ban on publicly using and depicting their...
marcel hesse teenaged murderer appears at court trial

Trial against german teenage killer Marcel Hesse started

Marcel Hesse Today, in the German city of Bochum, the trial started against 19-year-old Marcel Hesse (Image). He is suspected of murdering his neighbor Jaden...
Port of antwerp Cocaine Mafia foothold in law enforcement

Cocaine Mafia Antwerp infiltrated law enforcement

Cocaine Mafia In Belgium, consultations took place last night about the foothold the Cocaine Mafia has in the port of Antwerp. Several ministers, the mayor of...
Toscha sponsler steals police car and escapes handcuffs

This is how you escape from handcuffs and steal a police car (video)

Escaping Handcuffs A 33-year-old woman who has been arrested for shoplifting manages to escape her handcuffs and then drive of in the arresting officers police...