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Horror caused by Ukrainian millionaire's daughter Alyona Zaitseva 2

Daughter of Ukrainian millionaire kills 6 people

Millionaire Millionaire daughter Alyona Zaitseva ignored a red light Among the dead is a 15-year-old teenage girl. Five other people also died in the crash. A pregnant...
New insurance for individuals against cybercrime

New insurance against damages caused by cybercrime

Cybercrime Cybercrime - An insurance company from Europe is planning on bringing a new insurance policy on the market that will compensate the damages caused by...
DEA indicts two chinese pharmaceutical fentanyl producers

DEA indicts illegal Chinese pharmaceutical producers

Pharmaceutical pharmaceutical - The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) has announced that it has indicted two Chinese manufacturers of heavy opiates such as fentanyl for...

Huge explosion at police station in Helsingborg Sweden

Sweden An explosion caused huge damages in southern Sweden. The entrance of a police station in Helsingborg Sweden has been completely destroyed by an explosion. Nobody...
Drunk driving and killing someone life in prison for you

Drunk driving and killing someone? Life in prison for you

Drunk Driving Drunk Driving - It's way too common these days for people to get behind the wheel while being drunk. They are not only...
Lamonte McIntyre 23 years in prison innocent

Innocent Lamonte McIntyre released after 23 years in prison

Lamonte McIntyre The 41-year-old Lamonte McIntyre walked out of the Wyandotte County Courthouse last Friday as a free man. He has spent the last 23...
MS-13 gang suspected of ordering over 200 murders

MS-13 members suspected of “ordering” over 200 murders

MS-13 The leaders of the El Salvadorian gang MS-13 getting transferred to prison. The Middle American country of El Salvador sees about 15 murders a day....
Janet S. Female serial killer refuses psychological assessmen

Female serial killer refuses psychological assessment

Psychological Assessment Psychological Assessment - Janet S. aged 31 is responsible for the death of 2 men: Hachmi Dani in 2003 and Ton Kuijf...
Police in the Netherlands have their own drug lab

Police in the Netherlands have their own drug lab

Drug Lab The police in the Netherlands has a number of drug laboratories in use for the training of specialists and SWAT teams. Broadcasting station...
Shane 'O Brien united kingdom most wanted

£50,000 reward for tip that leads to Shane ‘O Brien

Shane 'O Brien Shane 'O Brien - The English criminal who killed Josh Hanson and then fled the country. One of the most wanted people in...