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Police in the Netherlands have their own drug lab

Police in the Netherlands have their own drug lab

Drug Lab The police in the Netherlands has a number of drug laboratories in use for the training of specialists and SWAT teams. Broadcasting station...
Shane 'O Brien united kingdom most wanted

£50,000 reward for tip that leads to Shane ‘O Brien

Shane 'O Brien Shane 'O Brien - The English criminal who killed Josh Hanson and then fled the country. One of the most wanted people in...
India customs arrested 29 people smuggling gold bars in anus

Customs India arrested 29 people with gold bars in anus

Gold Bars Gold Bars - In total customs found ten kilograms of gold.  Customs in India managed to stop 29 men who had gold bars hidden...
Former Dome prison in arnhem the Netherlands - prison for sale

Prison for sale in Arnhem, The Netherlands

Prison for sale Prison for sale - Since Tuesday, the former Dome prison in Arnhem is for sale. The area around the former prison including the...
Mappin & Webb london jeweler robbery

Smash-and-grab robbery at expensive London jeweler

London A smash-and-grab robbery has taken place at the famous London jeweler Mappin & Webb on Monday evening. Six robbers managed to leave the store...
Kim Yo-jong The little sister of Kim Jong-Un

Meet the mastermind behind the persona of Kim Jong-un

Kim Jong-un North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has complete confidence in his younger sister, Kim Yo-jong. This is evidenced by her recent promotion to deputy...
Kidnapped Jasmine Block found alive after 29 days

Kidnapped Jasmine Block found alive after 29 days

Jasmine Block We often here criminal experts talk about how low the chance of finding someone is after they've been missing for over a week....
Thoran turkish crew arrested cocaine found on ship spain

Police Spain finds 4 tons of cocaine on support ship Thoran

Thoran Seven men with Turkish nationality were arrested on board of the Thoran. Spanish police arrested the crew of the Turkish support ship the "Thoran" yesterday. On...
Kim Wall swedish journalist head and legs found

Police find head and legs Swedish journalist Kim Wall

 Kim Wall Police in Copenhagen, Sweden announced this Saturday morning that on Friday a bag containing the head and two legs of Swedish journalist Kim...
German man arrested trying to smuggle explosives on airplane

German man tried to smuggle explosives onto airplane

Airplane A German man in his 20's tried to smuggle the explosive TATP onto an airplane in Sweden. He was detained by the police. The man...