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Former Bosnian Croat military leader Slobodan Praljak commits suicide seconds after judges upheld his 20-year sentence

Suicide with poison in front of judges Yugoslavia Tribunal

Suicide During a hearing at the Yugoslavia Tribunal, a suspect committed suicide in front of the eyes of a judge. Slobodan Praljak committed suicide by...
Spanish police in their fight against the Georgian mafia

Wave of arrests in attempt to dismantle Georgian Mafia

Georgian Mafia Georgian Mafia - 23 people arrested in the streets of large Spanish cities such as Barcelona and Madrid. The Georgian mafia has been nestling...
Body cam footage released police officer fatally shot Jeremy Holmes

Police footage released of fatal shooting Jeremy Holmes

Jeremy Holmes Jeremy Holmes - The American authorities in Colorado have released body cam footage of a policeman who shoots and kills a young man armed with...
Victim shares gruesome details of his torture in court

Victim shares gruesome details of his torture in court

Torture Torture in Rotterdam - They wanted money. To get that, the suspects had taken their victim's hostage and tortured them in a sadistic way....
In front of the judge – I'm going to shoot you

In front of the judge – I’m going to shoot you

I'm Going To Shoot You! Shoot - That moment when an officer has to pull his weapon is a moment he will never forget. The...
86-year-old Emily Coakley arrested after attempted bank robbery

86-year-old woman arrested for attempted bank robbery

Bank Robbery 86-year-old Emily Coakley tried to rob a bank with her walker and a gun. Not everything goes the way you want it to. Especially when...
Record amount of weapon applications FBI during Black Friday

Record amount of arms purchased on Black Friday

Black Friday The American FBI has received a record amount of background check requests for firearms licenses on Saturday. This was due to the massive...
GoFundMe shuts down fundraiser for Charles Manson Funeral

GoFundMe shuts down Charles Manson funeral fundraiser

Charles Manson The American John Michael Jones wanted to raise money for the funeral of Charles Manson. Crowdfunding page GoFundMe did not seem to like...
Oscar Pistorius sentenced to thirteen years in prison today

not six but thirteen years in prison for Oscar Pistorius

Oscar Pistorius Oscar Pistorius, also known as the Blade Runner, was sentenced to thirteen years and five months in prison for the shooting of his...
A woman's liberation - in front of the judge

In front of the judge – A woman’s liberation

Liberation A woman's liberation - The passages that the judge reads aloud from the file, work for Nida (25) as a time machine. Immediately it's...