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two men appear in court for ordering prostitutes, pizzas and taxis in name of their victim

Court case for unwanted prostitutes and pizza

Prostitutes Two men from the Netherlands have to appear in court tomorrow. The two men ordered pizzas, prostitutes, taxis and countless other things in the...
Six Syrian refugees arrested for planning terrorist attack during Christmas market in Essen Germany

Six Syrian refugees arrested for planning attack in Germany

Refugees Refugees - During a major anti-terror police action in Germany, six Syrians aged between 20 and 28 were arrested. The six would have planned...
Black criminals recieve 20 percent harsher sentences than their white counterparts

Black criminals receive longer sentences for same crime

Sentences American criminals with a dark skin color receive about twenty percent harsher sentences for comparable crimes than white men. Also, colored people are five...
Of duty police officer from brazil shoots down robbers while holding his son in his arms

Officer shoots robbers with his baby in his arms

Police officer An of duty police officer shot down several robbers in Campo Limpo Paulista, Brazil while holding his baby in his arms. The shooting...
Famous serial killer and cult leader charles manson dies aged 83

Notorius serial killer Charles Manson dies aged 83

Charles Manson In a hospital in Kern County, California, at the age of 83, Charles Manson died. He was convicted of seven murders, including that...
Spanish Spain police dismantled huge cocaine network operating in major parts of Europe

Cocaine network busted in Morocco, Germany and Spain

Spain Spanish authorities say they have successfully completed a very large investigation into cocaine smuggling after more than a year. 40 suspects were arrested in...
Colombian teacher forced students to have sex with her

Colombian teacher forced students to sleep with her

Teacher A 40-year-old Colombian teacher threatened to lower student grades if they would not have sex with her. She offered students aged 16 and 17 to...
Salvatore Riina capo di tutti capi passed away in prison

Salvatore Riina, the capo di tutti capi passed away

Salvatore Riina Salvatore Riina - Sentenced to life in prison 26 times. Responsible for about 150 assassinations in the 80s and 90s, including those of...
safecrackers breaking in to safe at car dealership during hurricane harvey

Police in Houston searching for these two safecrackers

Safecrackers Safecrackers - The Houston police department released video footage of two safecrackers. The perpetrators spent more than two hours cutting and breaking the safe. The...
mastermind behind the mass murder at the US mexican border has been arrested Martiniano de Jesus Los Zetas member

Mass Murder suspect arrested in Mexico

Mass Murder Mass Murder - In Mexico, a man was arrested this Tuesday. The man is suspected of being the mastermind of mass murders of...