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teunis z sentenced to 14 years in prison for killing his pregnant wife

Man sentenced to 14 years for killing pregnant girlfriend

Pregnant Teunis Z., the man who stabbed his pregnant girlfriend in a house in Lopik, The Netherlands back in July, has been sentenced to 14...
melbourne car attacker arrested by police moments after

19 injured after car drives into crowd in Melbourne

Melbourne Car drives into pedestrians in the streets of Melbourne, at least nineteen people injured.  An SUV has caused quite a lot of uproar in the...
romanians arrested for involvement CTB locker ransomware

Four Romanians arrested for spreading critroni ransomware

Ransomware On Wednesday, Europol reported that four people were arrested in Romania last week for infecting computers worldwide with ransomware. The ransomware forced Windows users...
burglar stuck in chimney

Burglar stuck in chimney calls police to rescue him

Burglar The police in California have had to free a burglar this week from a chimney. The man got stuck in the chimney during a...
Norbert Vaclavic, alias rambo and Igor the russian arrested in spain

Norbert Vaclavic alias Igor the Russian arrested in Spain

Norbert Vaclavic It took a while. For months Italy was searching for a foreign ex-soldier nicknamed 'Rambo' and 'Igor The Russian'. Norbert Vaclavic, his real...
Drone gang jailed for smuggling drugs into prisons

Drone gang jailed for smuggling drugs into prisons

Drone Gang Drone gang - In England, a gang of 10 men and 1 woman was convicted this week for smuggling drugs, phones, sim cards...
Four children killed during collision between train and school bus in southern France

Four children killed in collision between train and school bus

Collision Four children were killed during a collision between a train and school bus in the south of France today. Nineteen others were injured in the...
76 year old grandma sentenced to prison for selling cocaine

76-year-old Grandma sent to prison for selling cocaine

Grandma Grandma - Today, not only a 53-year-old man was convicted of selling hard drugs, his elderly mother also was also sent to prison. The...
orge Glas vice president Ecuador sentenced to six years in prison for coruption

Vice President Ecuador sentenced to six years in prison

Vice President Ecuador Jorge Glas, the vice president of Ecuador, was sentenced to six years in prison yesterday. He was on trial for accepting bribes...
Refugees from myanmar crossing rivir Bangladesh MSF

MSF survey claims over 6,700 Rohingya killed in Myanmar

MSF Shortly after the violence against the Rohingya Muslims in Myanmar broke out at the end of August, 6,700 Rohingya were killed in the state...