Murder on girlfriend gets man a 22 year prison sentence

Girlfriend Gerrit-Jan K

22 years prison sentece for murdering his girlfriend

A man from Urk has been sentenced by the court in Slovakia to 22 years in prison for murdering his girlfriend Simona. Reported Omroep Flevoland. She was found dead in 2014 in her apartment in Bratislava. She had head injuries and her body  was set on fire. Simone was found dead last Wednesday by police in her house. There was a fire alarm. Upon arrival, police found the charred remains of Simona.


The suspect Gerrit-Jan K. was not present at the hearing. He is a free man since last year because the court made a procedural error. Since then his whereabouts are unknown, according to Omroep Flevoland, he is presumed to be in the Netherlands.

The court in the Slovak Republic also has determined that the man from Urk must pay a compensation of 100,000 euros to the mother of Simona. Such compensation has often been imposed in Slovakia in similar cases.

Gerrit-Jan K. now has fifteen days to go and appeal against the sentence. Against the sentencing to pay the damages he can not appeal. It is not yet clear whether Gerrit-Jan K. has to serve his prison sentence in Slovakia, or that he may serve his sentence in the Netherlands.


“We thought we knew Gerrit, we did not expect this. We have trouble understanding it. They looked like a couple in love and Gerrit told me he found true love for the first time,” said the brother of the accused.



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