28 Mexicans killed after brawl between gangs in Acapulco prison

28 killed during mexico prison gang war Acapulco prison


Acapulco – During a prison war in the Mexican city of Acapulco, at least 28 inmates have been killed. Most victims were killed at the kitchen of the maximum security wing of the prison. A government official reported that among the victims there were four men who were beheaded.

Several bodies were found in the prisons visitor’s room.

Order Troops

Special, heavily armed groups were called in to end the fighting. After everything calmed down, one of the prison staff read the names of the 28 victims. This led to a lot of emotion from the relatives, mainly women who had waited behind the prison walls for hours to get more information.

Stories about strange things happening in mexican prisons are nothing new. A few months ago footage of a prisoner hosting a party in the Puente Grande prison got leaked complete with alcohol, music and not to forget no prison guards.  The situations are not improving, that’s what Mexican politicians had to say.


Acapulco used to be a famous seaside town, especially popular with Hollywood stars. Nowadays, the city is torn by violence. Acapulco is the fourth most dangerous city in the world. (Here is a list of the most dangerous cities in the world.)


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