29 Suspected Islamic State Militants Arrested in Turkey

Turkey arrests 29 suspected Islamic State militants


In the Turkish capital Ankara, 29 people have been arrested. The authorities suspect that they have links with the terrorist organization Islamic State according to Turkish media.

Islamic State Militants

This morning the Turkish police carried out several raids on houses in Ankara. Documents, computers, and telephones were also seized. In total the Turkish authorities have warrants for the arrest of 46 people, who mainly have a foreign nationality. The police are still looking for the other seventeen people who have not yet been found. The suspected terrorists were planning to commit an attack during the turn of the year in Turkey.

Last year, during the turn of the year in Turkey, it all went wrong. In the largest city in the country, Istanbul, 39 people died when an Uzbek terrorist opened fire on the visitors of a nightclub. Since then, the Turkish authorities have been on full alert.



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