At least 3 people killed during shooting at court in Moscow



At a shoot-out during a lawsuit in Moscow, where nine criminals were being prosecuted, three people have been killed. Some of the suspects tried to disarm the guards on Thursday and escape this way.


When the men entered the courtroom, one of the suspects tried to choke a guard. He was killed by the other guards, but the other criminals made use of the chaos and managed to grab the weapons of the guards.

Then there was a shooting between the suspects and security staff. Three of the suspects were shot dead. Two guards were injured during the shooting.

Seventeen murders

During the lawsuit a number of hearings were supposed to be held this Thursday. The nine men are suspected of having committed more than seventeen murders. They focused on motorists: they placed so-called crows feet on the road, and when the drivers left the car, they were shot dead.

Crows feet to stop a car murder moscow

It is not yet clear what happened to the two suspects who were not shot dead.


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