5 tips for becoming a successful criminal in no time

control your emotions

5 tips for becoming a successful criminal.

Being a criminal can be stressy from time to time. You will spend a good amount of your day looking behind you to check if you aren’t being followed and most of the criminals will never hit the jackpot they were hoping for. Here are the 5 tips for becoming a successful criminal.

I’m not saying you should be in any way smart to become a successful criminal. Even a broken clock is right twice a day. Every one can get lucky but what I am trying to say is that if you stick to a set of rules you will be much more likely to succeed in what you’re doing.

1. Stick to this rule.

If it ain’t worth dying for, you don’t wanna be in it. If you do something make sure you do it for something that’s worth it. Don’t just rob your local supermarket for a thousand dollars because when you end up going to jail you’ll be remember that it wasn’t worth it.

2. Relax.


Are you carrying 100 pounds of cocaine in your car while speeding with a shattered wind shield? Take a minute to relax, and ask yourself, “Am I drawing unwanted attention to myself?” The answers is probably “yes”. Take your time to consider what you’re doing and don’t act out of love, happiness or any other form of emotion. Matters of the heart and a successful life of crime do not mix.

3. Shut up.

Nobody has to know about the things you’ve done. If you tell someone of your secrets they will end up having a secret as well. What ensures you that they can keep their mouth shut?. They may not want to talk about what they know but a lot of people can’t handle the pressure of a secret and will talk when being questioned. There’s nothing to gain from telling people about your successes. Talking about these kind of things is just to feed your own ego. You’re best of just saying nothing at all and enjoying the profits that you have made along the way.

4. Control your emotions.

control your emotions

Emotions can get the best of you, especially when you are being questioned by police. These guys are trained professionals and will do whatever it takes to make you confess or get any kind of information out of you. Most people will wilt under these so-called “interrogation tactics” because the police officers will throw everything at you. Your friends snitched you, confess everything and you’ll get a sentence reduction, do it for your daughter and everything else to try to touch your emotions. Don’t believe anything these guys tell you and keep your mouth shut. Most of the times everything these idiots tell you are complete lies and if they aren’t you’re already fucked so what use is it to start talking at that point.

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5. The right friends.

It’s almost impossible to work on your own. You’re going to need people to help you out with certain things and you don’t want to make a mistake by picking the weakest link in your circle. You might choose your best friend whom you’ve known for over twenty years and trust with your life. That same friend could be fucking your wife next week and make your life a living hell. You need people who are a 100% loyal to the people who are good to them. Take care of the ones you involve in your criminal activities and make sure that their loyalty is with you and not with someone else.

This might sound really blunt but through my own experience I noticed that it’s better to have dumb friends then it is to have smart friends when you’re a criminal. Dumb people are loyal and tend to not think about the consequences that their actions have. Where a smart friend will think about the best way to save their own ass and come out on top after a bad situation.

I hope you enjoyed my 5 tips for becoming a successful criminal and you use them. Want to share your tips on how to become a successful criminal share them by commenting down below.


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