50 kilos of cocaine found in England hidden in horse trailer

Cocaine hidden horse trailer england

Horse trailer

Cocaine in Horse trailer – During a check by the English customs in Dover, a 52-year-old man from Limbricht was arrested on Thursday, July the 13th, because he had cocaine in his truck. English police made this public this Wednesday.

In the truck, which was specifically intended for horse transport, the English authorities found about 50 kilos of cocaine. During a search in the house of the suspect in Limbricht (Limburg), around €200,000 if cash was seized. Both the English and Dutch authorities are now further investigating origin of the money and the drugs. There may be more arrests, according to the police.

Over the years dozens of dutch men have been arrested while trying to smuggle drugs into the United Kingdom. Both the English and Dutch agreed to work together to try to put a halt to these drug shipments.

The smugglers tend to forget that the punishment is much harder in the UK. These 2 drug smugglers were sentenced to 18 years in prison because they tried to smuggle 43 kilograms of cocaine and 60 kilograms of heroin by using a helicopter.


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