£50,000 reward for tip that leads to Shane ‘O Brien

Shane 'O Brien united kingdom most wanted

Shane ‘O Brien

Shane ‘O Brien – The English criminal who killed Josh Hanson and then fled the country.

One of the most wanted people in Britain appears to have been arrested a few months ago in Prague, Czech Republic. Shane ‘O Brien, age 28 is wanted for a murder at a nightclub in London. Since he escaped the UK he’s been using false documents. He has also changed his appearance drastically. Part of that change is an enormous tattoo on his back of an owl.


The police in Prague arrested him in February of this year after he had caused damages in the Czech capital. He was then photographed and released on accident. Authorities in the Czech Republic did not suspect that the man was wanted in England.

Shane 'O Brien Found in Prague Czech Republic

Knife stab

Shane ‘O Brien is suspected of fatally stabbing nightclub visitor Josh Hanson aged 21, in the London suburb Eastcote-Hillingdon, in the neck without any obvious reason. Then he escaped the country. The police have been looking for him ever since. The victims’ friends and family do not know what the cause of the fatal incident might have been.

Most Wanted

The perpetrator Brien lived in England and is the father of two children. Now that the case has been going on for two years, the British Ministry of Justice has raised the amount for the tip that leads to his arrest to 50,000 British pounds. Also, Shane ‘O Brien has been placed on the British Most Wanted List. On the list, you can read that he speaks with a heavy London accent and besides the owl also has a tattoo with the text ‘Shannon 14-04-06’. The names he used to hide his true identity are both Italian: Enzo Melloncelli and Enzo Machado. he managed to fool the Czech police but something tells us this man won’t walk to streets for much longer.


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