76-year-old Grandma sent to prison for selling cocaine

76 year old grandma sentenced to prison for selling cocaine


Grandma – Today, not only a 53-year-old man was convicted of selling hard drugs, his elderly mother also was also sent to prison. The court believed that the two have sold cocaine at least five times from their home over the course of this year.

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Everyone has a picture in his mind when talking about a drug dealer, but chances are you will not imagine a woman of age in front of you. Still, it was a 76-year-old woman who had to appear before the judge today for selling cocaine.


The public prosecutor wanted to see the woman go to prison for 8 months. The judge has reduced that sentence to 3 months. Her health is not good and mentally she is deteriorating. In addition, she already had to suffer some of the consequences of her actions: she has lost her house.

Her son, with whom she cooperated, has to go to jail for 5 months. He lived with his mother since November 2016 and the drugs were sold from her home.

Big impression

The court punishes him extra heavily for selling cocaine in the house where his two underage children could also be found regularly.

Moreover, last summer the man threatened an official of the municipality,  “I’ll knock your head off,” he would have said. That threat has made a big impression on the person in question and his colleagues.


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