9 prisoners killed during fight in Mexican Reynosa prison

Nine inmates killed during war between rival gings in mexico reynosa prison


During a bloody battle in the Mexican prison of Reynosa, nine people were killed and eleven others injured. At 13:30 on Tuesday afternoon, rival gangs decided to have an all out war in prison. They used stones, sticks, spades and knives during the fight.

The gang members that are locked up in Reynosa’s prison, in the north-east of Mexico at the border with Texas, are small divisions of the Gulf cartel.

Visiting hours

The massive war started during the visiting hours. Prison staff, in collaboration with security forces managed to bring the visitors that were inside the prison to safety.

There have been several police raids in the prison of Reynosa over the last few years. During these raids police found firearms that were hidden in an underground casket. Earlier this year police also found a tunnel dug by the detainees.


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