Abducted man recieved his cut off finger back at release

Abducted Finger cut off


The man who was abducted from the parking lot of a fitness center in Amstelveen in early March has received his severed finger when his abductors released him. Doctors had to tell the men that his finger could not be reattached. TV-show Investigation Requested announced that the man was possibly being held at a location in the city of Leiden in a building with a staircase (That narrows it down to around a 200,000 possible locations).

Three or four men

The abduction of the men happened when the victim who had just stepped into a car driven by a friend got blocked by another car. Three or four masked men jumped out of a dark blue Peugeot. The victim locked the doors but the attackers broke the window and then fired a bullet through the car. The victim was then taken by the abductors and his companion was left unharmed.


Peugeot abductors Amstelveen

The victim told police he was blindfolded and held in a building where he had to climb stairs. In that building he was seriously threatened and abused. He suffered a head injury and in that place his finger was also cut off. At 21.15 that same night, the man released and found seriously injured and blindfolded in the city of Leiden on the Drecht Street. Police say they suspect that he was also being held in Leiden.

The Peugeot used by the kidnappers  was recovered that evening in Leiden at the Castellumweg. That car has already led the investigators to one suspect. At least two or three other suspects are still fugitive. Police also believes that the abductors used a second (white) Peugeot.


According to police, the victim stated that the abduction was for ransom. If the statement of the victim is true is doubtful. No ransom was paid according to the police. Kidnappings are usually done to settle disputes in the criminal environment, usually over a substantial amount of money. Victims usually do not explain about payments and the background of the conflict to the police.

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