About This Thin Line


Obviously crime pays, or there’d be no crime.
– G. Gordon Liddy –

This Thin Line is a website for anyone who loves reading about criminal activity. This websites is updated almost every day, with contributions from various authors.
Everything is discussed on this forum from tips & tricks to the psychology behind a crime. To visit this place, you just need to be open to the fact that these days nothing is to crazy anymore, almost everything can be done and if you do it right you can get away with it.

We’ve always been fascinated with the lengths that some people are willing to go to just so they can get revenge on someone or simply to enrich themselves. And that’s the reason why we made this website. We dont believe in good or evil. Nothing, by itself, is either way, but only becomes so in a human’s eye. We try to show you what happens, what’s doable, how to do it and what can be the aftermath. These people only see oppertunity and they are willing to take the risk, no matter the outcome.

Crime Will Always Be In Existence.

We welcome contributions to this website. To announce an event or to contribute a post, or simply to provide feedback or suggestions about this website, please contact the website editor by clicking here