Police has to save an algerian thief from getting killed by crowd

algerian thief

Algerian Thief

Algerian Thief – in the northern Algerian city of Akbou a man who is suspected of theft was publicly lynched. Police oversaw the scene. The man was practically naked, hung upside down on a wall in handcuffs. In the video you can see multiple people in the crowd recording the incident as if it they are recording at a concert.

The man who is hanging upside down was expected to have robbed an older man in a souk (Arab market). The man can be heard and seen screaming in pain and begging for help. Eventually, he was taken to a hospital where he is recovering from his injuries.

angry mob

According to police, the man would got lynched by the crowd and hung on the wall, after which it was decided to deploy officers “to keep the peace.” It is not the first time that suspects are tried by the people. Last week in Jijel in eastern Algeria, a thief caught red-handed was beaten by an angry mob before he was handed over to the police.

Algeria is known for these kind of punishment methods. Multiple video’s can be found on the internet of algerians lynching other people.




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