Americans no longer allowed to travel to North Korea

Otto Warmbier north korea travel ban america

North Korea

It is no longer permitted for Americans to travel to North Korea. According to two tourist agencies offering travels to the communist country, the ban will take place on July 27th and become active a month later.

The ban is for further notice and it is unknown how long it will take. The US government has not yet officially confirmed the message itself.

Travel organizations Young Pioneer Tours, stated that they have just been informed of the ban. In addition, the passport of US citizens who decide to travel to North Korea will be declared invalid.

According to America, the risk that Americans are taking when going to North Korea is disproportionately high. Travelers are arrested in the country of leader Kim Jung-un for offenses that are not even punishable in the United States. Being in possession of magazines in which criticism of North Korea is written is already a crime.

The ministry states that in the last decade fourteen Americans have been detained in the DPRK.


Young Pioneer was the agency that brought American student Otto Warmbier to North Korea. He was arrested and sentenced to fifteen years of forced labor. North Korea released the American in June when he was in coma. He died a few days after returning to the US.

The United States and North Korea have been in conflict for a long time. This is mainly due to the many missile tests performed by North Korea. The latest test dates from July 4th. It would be an intercontinental rocket, but Americans doubt this.



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