Huge amount of firearms reason for high murder rate in US

Large amount of firearms reason for high murder rate united states


The high number of firearms in the United States explains the large number of fatal shootings in the US. Crime, in general, is also more likely to result in death in America.

Astonishing amount 

More and more studies indicate that the huge amount of weapons in the United States is the reason for the large number of deadly shootings. That’s what the New York Times writes in a review article, in which they combined some numbers. Americans own 42 percent of all guns worldwide. From 1966 to 2012, 31 percent of the perpetrators of shooting with many victims were American. A researcher at the University of Alabama finds that the deadly shooting, like in Las Vegas and Texas, has much more to do with the ease with which you can get guns in the United States than with a possible violence culture in the country.

Crime more deadly

The death rate in the United States by firearms violence in 2009 was 33 per one million inhabitants, much higher than the average in other developed countries, where it remains around the 5 victims per million people. Researchers at the University of Berkeley have already concluded several times that crime in general, in the US is also more deadly. For example, a New Yorker has just as much chance of being robbed as a Londoner, but he is 54 percent more likely to be killed during that same robbery. Recent studies in ten countries show that legislation that reduces firearms ownership reduces the number of murders with firearms. That would suggest that it is the presence of firearms themselves, which causes the violence. Nevertheless, possession of firearms is a constitutional right for Americans. Only Guatemala and Mexico share that same rule.

Gun policy

Statistics from also show that the possession of the number of firearms in America relative to the number of deadly shootings is related. In the United States, the vast majority of people own a firearm. It’s not just murders, but also suicides and accidents.


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