Arizona police officer released after killing unarmed suspect

Police released video footage of the fatal shooting of Daniel Shaver in a hotel in Arizona


An American police officer who shot and killed an unarmed suspect last year in the American state of Arizona, who had already surrendered, is acquitted of persecution. 26-year-old Victim Daniel Shaver begged the officer not to shoot.


officer Philip Brailsford was in the hallway of a hotel because the police had received a report that hotel guests were shooting birds from their hotel room with presumably a firearm.

Arizona police officer Philip Brailsford

Daniel Shaver was drunk and having a party with friends in a room, American media said. He was on his knees in a corridor but could not manage to follow the officer’s instructions properly. When Shaver went to his pants with his hand, possibly to pull it up, Brailsford shot five times. The police did not want to release the video at first.

Air Gun

A judge decided not to prosecute him because the officer could have very likely have thought that Shaver was grabbing a firearm. An air-pressure weapon was found in Shaver’s hotel room afterwards. He used that weapon for his work in agriculture to shoot birds.

The images can be considered shocking.


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