Wave of arrests in attempt to dismantle Georgian Mafia

Spanish police in their fight against the Georgian mafia

Georgian Mafia

Georgian Mafia – 23 people arrested in the streets of large Spanish cities such as Barcelona and Madrid.

The Georgian mafia has been nestling itself in Spanish society for years. It all started after the disintegration of the Soviet Union. The type of offenses of which these criminals are accused of varies from street robbery to drug trafficking. But the form of crime that really annoys the Spaniards is the relocation of all those stolen goods from their country to the great palaces ‘behind the Balkans’.


Today, the Spanish police arrested 23 people who are part of the Caucasian crime sector on the Iberian peninsula. Among them is the sister of a key player named Lasha Shushanashvili. All persons now detained in one way or another have a link with a shooting in the Spanish municipality of Terrassa, in January 2016, near Barcelona. During that shooting two men were killed in an apartment. One of the murdered people was Gela Garisvili; a bodyguard of another well known Georgian crime boss living in Spain. since then this specific mafia community in Spain disintegrated into several factions.

Lasha Shushanashvilli                                                 Lasha Shushanashvilli


It is the second big hit in the fight against this crime in Spain. Earlier in 2016, an action took place in which 61 Georgians were arrested. But now ‘the real bosses’ have been arrested, according to the Spanish judicial authorities through a spokesman. The 23 persons who were arrested would be responsible for the moving of stolen goods. In particular by reselling it to large Russian and Georgian crime capos; and that, of course, are the real bosses.


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