New arrests made in connection to recent ATM explosions


Arrests ATM explosions

Utrecht – Police arrests four men this Tuesday, October the 11th because they are suspected of committing and being involved in multiple ATM explosions and thefts in supermarkets across the Netherlands. The Investigations Unit in the Netherlands has launched an investigation several months ago into such attacks on ATM’s in supermarkets.

Modus Operandi

In all cases, the method was the same. The suspects broke in a supermarket, then the ATM was broken either by using a rope, a thermal lance, and other times they tried to force the ATM by a gas explosion. During this investigation, a group of suspects came into the picture. Part of this professional group got arrested several weeks ago while trying to force entry to an ATM in a supermarket located at the Tambourine. Four men from the same group were arrested today, all from the area’s Utrecht and Nieuwegein.

The suspects are all taken to the police station for questioning and Friday, October 14th brought before the magistrate. They are placed in limitations, which means that they may temporarily have no contact with the outside world.

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