Australia still searching for missing mother Tanja Ebert


Tanja Ebert

The disappearance of Tanja Ebert has kept a major part of Australia awake for weeks. The German mother of two children went missing on the 8th of August of this year. She was last seen on the footage of a surveillance camera of a shopping center just north of the city of Adelaide. After that she, her husband en her children would have gone for a ride in their car.

Mother Tanja Ebert still missing Australia still searching


For a long time, the theory was that Tanja got into an argument with her husband, Michael Burdon, during this ride. His statements about what happened were unclear and vague. He said she had left the car and walked into the desert, and that she had not returned. Burdon shot himself shortly after being considered a suspect. Since then, the police hasn’t managed to make any progress.


The police in southern Australia started a new search at locations near the home of Ebert and Burton, Manna Hill. The children have now been accommodated elsewhere.

Authorities are looking at water reservoirs and dams. Places where the perpetrator may have hidden Ebert’s body. Experts are screening these locations bit by bit. Whether the detectives are successful remains the question. The area around the property has been searched before. The police, out of desperation, are asking witnesses to come forward.

Tanja Ebert and husband image

Ebert emigrated from Germany to Australia in 2012. Shortly thereafter, she married Burton and got two sons. The couple had problems for a long time, and Ebert was about to leave her husband. The chances are that this case will become another cold case, whose secret is hidden in the Australian soil.


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