Authorities in Morocco tackle international drug syndicate

Authorities in Morocco Massive police action against drugs syndicate


Morocco – Two and a half tons of raw cocaine found in a truck and on a farm.

Bingo! The Moroccan Security and Intelligence Service BCIJ seized 2,588 tonnes of cocaine and arrested 10 people suspected of involvement in a network consisting of drug traffickers, reports the Moroccan Directorate General for National Security (DGSN). On the picture above, taken in Rabat, part of the loot is shown. During that event, Abdelhak Khiame was present, the boss against the war on drugs in Morocco.


Part of the drugs was hidden in a car with foreign license plates and another part was found on a farm on the coastal road between Temara and Skhirat. The largest amount of narcotics was found on a farm near Oued Cherrat, in the province of Bouznika. This operation has been carried out in cooperation with DGSN and was based on specific information from the Moroccan intelligence service DGST.


Not only cocaine was found during the police action, the Moroccan war on drugs is faced with a large “own culture” when it comes to marijuana, in addition to a significant import of cocaine from South America. When it comes to cocaine, Morocco is the problem of the global drug’s import. A lot of the drugs that come into Europe travel through the North African country before ending up in Europe.

Near Nador police confiscated 105 kilograms of cannabis and 391,520 euros and 172,620 dirhams. Besides that six vehicles have been seized that were supposedly used in the trafficking of drugs.


Through investigations, police hope to identify the potential connections of suspects with other international drug trafficking networks. All arrested were taken into custody while the investigations at all security services continue, the Moroccan press office MAP reports. Police believe this group consists of a lot more men who have not yet been arrested and who are active in the major ports of the country.


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