autopsy required after execution that went horribly wrong

Execution lethal injection arkansas


Remember the article we published last week ? About the 8 prisoners that had to be executed within a week because the shelf life of one of the drugs used during the execution was about to expire ? Well one of those executions went horribly wrong this week.

The execution of a death sentence in the American state of Arkansas went so horribly wrong that the judge ordered an autopsy of the body.

Moaning before injection

According to eyewitnesses, 38-year-old Kenneth Williams coughed and moaned after he was anesthetized with midazolam. That’s what the Telegraph reports. The judge now wants to know if Williams was still awake when he received a fatal injection after the administration of a sleeper. If so, Williams may have suffered a lot of pain. Witnesses don’t agree on how bad the man moved and moaned.

Murder of prison director

The man was sentenced for the murder of a former prison director. He committed his act after escaping in prison in 1999, where he was already serving a life sentence for murder. The state of Arkansas has executed four death sentences in eight days.

Shelf Life

The series of executions has to do with the expiry of the deadly injections with which the sentences are executed. Pharmaceutical companies no longer want to be associated with the death penalty. Four executions were already stopped in Arkansas by the Supreme Court.


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