How to avoid getting caught when growing cannabis

growing cannabis

The best tips to avoid getting caught when growing cannabis.

Growing cannabis can earn you a quick buck but there’s a lot of risk involved in doing it. Unfortunately growing cannabis is still illegal in a lot of places around the world so it’s important to stay out of the hands of law enforcement. Even if you are caught you can still minimize the damage.

These are the best tips to avoid being caught and how to minimize the damage after being caught.

  1. Shush!It’s rule number one when it comes to growing cannabis. Many growers get caught because of their big mouth. Growing can be a lot of fun and you might even be proud of your results,but don’t talk about it. Your stories will travel faster than the speed of light and before you know it the whole neighborhood knows that you are growing a few plants of yourself. Every story changes when it travels from person to person.What ends up happening is that the police overheard that you were growing 1000’s of plants and they end up having to raid your house.
  2. Don’t cause any Nuisance.Especially the scent of cannabis will ring alarm bells. Make sure you have a good carbon filter that gets rid of the smell and replace it in time. Make sure that the noise from the carbon filter isn’t to loud. If your neighbors can’t sleep because of the noise that’s coming from your house at night you know it’s time to do something about it.Make sure to start off on the right foot with your neighbors. Let them know if they ever have any complaints they should tell you immediately.Never forget; An ounce of warning is a pound of goodwill.
  3. Unwanted attention.

    There’s always that one person who is curious about what you are doing. It’s best to don’t give them a reason to interfere with your business. If you are building your grow room keep the noise to a minimum or do it when your neighbors are away. Don’t buy all your growing equipment at once and try to cover the bags of soil.

  4. Safety & isolation.

    Having a fire or leakage will almost always lead to the discovery of your grow room. For your own safety make sure that equipment is set up/connected properly and replaced in time. Don’t use HPS lights but rather use LED. These lamps use a lot less power and don’t get as hot. Using LED lighting decreases the chance of short circuiting.

    If you decide to grow cannabis in your attic you should insulate it. Your growing room gets hot and you don’t want your house to be the only one without snow on the roof during the winter.

    Insulating your grow room will also give you more control and stability over the environment and cannabis plants love stability.

  5. Pay your bills.

    Just pay your bills. You don’t want the bailiff on your porch seizing the contents of your property. These people tend to bring a locksmith with them and will get in your house even if you’re not there. You don’t want him to discover your growing operation because he will notify law enforcement.

  6. Don’t steal electricity.

    If you use LED lights there’s no need to steal electricity. If you do get caught stealing the electricity the company will calculate an estimate on how much you stole from them (This will be way higher than they actual amount) and you will have to pay it back.

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  7. Own use.

    They caught you? just tell them it’s for your own consumption.

  8. The first time.

    Don’t let the judge think that you’ve been growing for years. Keep your grow room clean and remove dust from lampshades and filters. Throw away all receipts you received when you were buying the equipment. Try to think as a police officer and make sure that they can’t find out how long you’ve been actually growing for. They don’t have to proof it it just has to be likely that you’ve been growing more than once.

    Always say this was your first time growing.

  9. Don’t sell your weed.

    Selling your weed carries so much risks with it. You could sell your weed to a undercover cop, get involved in a rip deal and get shot or nothing happens but people still know that you were the one who sold them the weed so they might want to find out where you are actually growing the plants. Just smoke it yourself and enjoy your hard labor.

  10. Never buy your equipment online.

    You wont be the first idiot who ordered his entire grow room on the internet. You deserve to be caught if you do this. Buy everything separated. Some items that are less suspicious you can order of the internet and other ones you just buy at your local grow shop.

Happy smoking !


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