Badr Hari will move back to Morocco

Badr hari will leave for Morocco as soon as he is released from prison

Badr Hari

Badr Hari will be released from prison in just over a week and a half. He has been in prison for more than seven months for various abuse cases in the nightlife scene. Hari wants to leave for Morocco immediately after his release and does not want to think about the sport for now. That is what his manager told a local Dutch newspaper today.


Hari has been on leave on a regular basis and could be found at the gym during those days. The former K1 champion, however, does not want to put kickboxing high on his list of priorities after his release from the prison in Zaanstad, according to his manager Jacques de Wit. “Once he is released, he will travel to Morocco, where he lives these days and where his family is.”

That does not mean that Hari’s sports career is at an end now, says De Wit. According to his manager, Hari would like to continue fighting for another two years. Nothing was said about a possible re-match against Rico Verhoeven, but we all know Badr wants his revenge


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