Two men from Bali arrested for murder of Robert Gilhooad

two men from Bali arrested for the murder of 80-year-old Robert gilhooad

Robert Gilhooad

Robert Gilhooad – Indonesian police arrested two men.

His body was found on November 3rd after it was presumably laying dead for a long time in his Balinese rental home. A neighbor in the wealthy neighborhood of Puri Gading in the town of Jimbaran realized that there was a tremendously bad stench coming from the house next to here. The police went to see and discovered the dead body of 80-year-old Robert Gilhooad bathing in a puddle of dried blood, next to him an ax was found.


A crime has happened here. The fact that the police in Bali have now arrested two men is no surprise. The coroner stated that Gilhooad had two deep inserts on the left side of his head. These were probably created by the impact of the ax. The police assume that there has been a robbery here. It is the second murder in the area of Jimbaran, known as the fishing port. Gilhooad lived in Indonesia for some time.

The local authorities are scared because Bali is not known for this kind of bloody robbery. The tourist island has been plagued for a long time with pickpockets and burglars. The fear is that this form of crime among the poor population now grows.


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