Belgian serial killer Dave Verbist sentenced in Spain

Dave verbist belgian serial killer sentenced to 16 years in prison

Dave Verbist

The 35-year-old Dave Verbist (image) from the Belgian city of Boom has been sentenced in Spain to 16 years in prison for the murder of Spanish Montse Mendez (40). He strangled her in Girona in 2012. Verbist was already in prison in Spain for the murder of the Danish Anne Strande Jensen in Madrid. She got strangled by the Belgian back in 2014.

Verbist was the concierge of the apartment complex in Madrid where the 27-year-old Danish woman temporarily lived. She got a job at a Spanish tobacco manufacturer and was looking for a house to rent. at night, he broke into her flat and eventually choked her with the cord of the computer. After that, he put the house on fire in an attempt to conceal the murder. He was arrested and sentenced by a Spanish judge to 25 years in prison.


The murder of Montse Mendez in 2012 remained unsolved for several years until Verbist suddenly admitted to killing her during the hearings. According to Verbist, Mendez’s death was the result of a game of strangulation sex. Verbist a month ago;  “The victim asked me to choke her. I did that first with my hands, but after a while, she asked me to use a rope or a handkerchief. Eventual, I took a telephone cable. Only after the sex did I notice that she was no longer breathing. ”

Together with his colleague at that time, Domara Sanchez, he decided to cut Mendez’s body into pieces and packed it in garbage bags to dump at various places in Girona. The two left the apartment a few days later. They thoroughly cleaned the house and even painted the walls.


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