Belgian police finds decapitated body during routine check

Belgian police finds decapitated body during routine check


The Belgian police of Middelkerke found a decapitated body in the trunk during their night shift from Wednesday to Thursday. According to Belgian media, a surveillance car pulled over another car with three occupants for a routine check.


Because the three behaved suspiciously, the officers subjected the vehicle to a short check. There in the trunk, they found a decapitated body. According to the police, the three gave a very weird explanation. They also said that they ‘only had the car in their possession since that day’.


During the inspection near Middelkerke (on the coast of West Flanders) the police received a report about a campsite close by. When the officers arrived there, they found human remains and a large amount of blood in a caravan. The Belgian media does not report whether the head was found at the crime scene.

The three occupants of the car have been arrested. Two people were also arrested at the campsite. The police strongly suspect this to be a settlement in the drug environment.


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