Belgian serial killer Dave Verbist appears in court again

Belgian serial killer Dave Verbist appears in court again

Dave Verbist

The now 35-year-old Dave Verbist can definitely be called a serial killer. In 2014, he killed the Danish Anne Strande Jensen by choking her to death with a phone cable after which he burned the house down.

But earlier, in 2012, Dave killed the Spanish Montse Mendez. Also through strangulation and by cutting her into pieces.

He was sentenced to 25-years in prison for the murder of Jensen in 2016. Last week, Dave returned to court, this time to stand trial for the murder of the Spanish Montse Mendez.


For the death of the Danish woman, Dave received his punishment of 25 years in prison in, now he is also being charged with the brutal murder of the Spanish woman in Girona back in 2012. If the court finds him guilty of the murder he can expect another long sentence. According to Dave, the death of the Spanish woman was because of a sex game that went wrong. With the help of a roommate dave tried to hide the dead body of the Spanish woman.


Of course, all of this does not sound very credible, but Dave sticks with his story. It is now up to the judge to decide whether the Belgian is speaking the truth or not. When all of this goes to trial dave can except a longer prison sentence, even though the maximum sentence in Spain is 25 years.

Dave verbist two victims Montse Mendez Anne Strande Jensen


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