Hardened Belgium criminal Mustapha Iken prison escape with kalashnikovs [Video]

Prison escape Mustapha Iken

Prison Escape

Prison Escape – A heavy criminal escaped from the prison of Lantin near Liege, Belgium yesterday afternoon . It involves Mustapha Iken, who was released by four men armed with Kalashnikov’s. They used a ladder, clipped a hole in the fence and set two cars on fire to confuse the guards that were working at that time. The escaped prisoner Mustapha Iken was sentenced in 2009 to 10 years in prison for participation in the activities of a gang that specialized in very violent robberies.


The 30-year old Iken has a long criminal record. He is also convicted of robberies, kidnappings and arson. Iken had already tried to escape the prison he is staying in three times before. This time however he was successful.

Air Time

The four companions of Iken arrived at the prison of Lantin during the air time of the prisoners. They placed a ladder against the wall and cut a hole in the fence. At the entrance of the prison they set a car on fire. Also a car in the center of the town was put on fire. By this they tried to create chaos to disrupt the hunt. The five then went off with a third car. Initially, the escape went unnoticed at first because the action went smooth and silent. Prison guards only noticed that Mustapha went missing a few hours after he had already fled.

National Hunt

The Belgian police warned and asked both Dutch and German colleagues to look out for this man. The foursome is still missing.



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