Bikini Baristas at Hillbilly Hotties sue American State Washington

Employees at Hillbilly Hotties sue american state of washington seattle

Hillbilly Hotties

Hillbilly Hotties – “Here’s your coffee, and the change, and yes, if you take the second right you’ll end up on the highway again.”

It is one of those articles that has a whole story behind it. It’s like this: A recent verdict by a judge in Seattle, Washington, USA, has ruled that baristas should not wear any offensive clothing. Baristas from Seattle believe they are taking this a little bit too far. In America, catering companies with barely dressed waitresses are quite popular. One of those companies has now sued the state of Washington. According to employees at Hillbilly, the statement is far too vague. Of course, they especially want the judge not to be so grumpy. With their beautiful bodies and swimwear, these ladies obviously sell a lot of drinks in their bar.

Company Clothing

Under the new legislation, waitresses must wear at least a skirt and a shirt. The women working at Hillbilly Hotties claim that they are wearing ‘business clothing’ with their bikinis, just like Mc Donald’s employees do with their gray trousers. Or like Starbucks employees, who wear t-shirts with the logo of the coffee chain.

One of the reasons the judge has taken such action,is that the street where these kinds of baristas work are often also used as a hidden brothels. The ladies offer more services than just serving coffee.

Here’s a street scene, a recent police action at a Hillbilly Hotties.

Police action against Hillbilly Hotties public street


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